It was because of an argument at a local bar.  That night Noemi’s husband was killed.  In an instant, her life was shattered and her two children hugged her skirt in fear.  She was pregnant, caring for two small children with no income.  She moved in with her Grandmother, who soon after passed way.  Once again life was turned upside down.

For Noemi New Life Beginnings was the place she needed to steady her life and search for new possibilities. With her newborn, wrapped in a blanket of hope, and a revival of her old catering skills, Noemi began her New Life.

With her children beside her Noemi reached for hope. She learned we genuinely cared about her future and that of her children.  With a lot of hard work she began to rebuild her life.

When you partner with New Life Beginnings, together we change lives for generations.  It is empowerment from you poured into lives of the hopeless that allows successful story’s like the one of Noemi.

Today Noemi is self sufficient with tree healthy children running her own catering company in Los Angels.

Partner with New Life Beginnings, together we give hope to the hopeless.

To find out how to partner with New Life Beginnings call us at (562) 590-1538 or e-mail us at


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What we provide

Over the years our program and services have increased and our mission has remained the same. We accomplish our mission through the programs and services, which are provided by our staff and community volunteers:

Services provided

Long-Term Housing; Career Planning and Preparation;Health and Nutrition Education; Domestic Violence Program;Medical, Legal and Adoption;Referrals;Parenting/Child Development;On-The-Job Training;Literacy Program;Anger Management;Sex Education and Responsible;Relationship Skills;Life Skills;Household Budgeting;Child Abuse Prevention;Childbirth Preparedness;Smoking, Drinking, And Drug Prevention

NLB is primarily a volunteer-driven organization with only 10 paid staff and 15,216 volunteers generously donating 21,696 hours anually. Our community donates our food for the many pregnant women, infants and children we serve along with just about everything you see as you walk through our Mother’s home. Our Board members are committed and actively involved in the operation of all our programs.

Since our inception, we have never received government funding. Therefore our very existence and our ability to give quality service to homeless women and children, relies soley on the tax-deductible monetaru donations from individuals, organizations, businesses, special events, and direct mail requests are greatly appreciated.

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New Life then and now

Our first Mothers Home, purchased in 1986, is located in an old historical Sears Roebuck catalog house built in 1904. In this home, we are able to house eight residents in a three story sixteen bedroom facility. It is located in the heart of the inner-city area of Long Beach.

Our residents find affordable housing very difficult to acquire, especially if they have an infant under their care. In 1992 we purchased a six-unity apartment building next to our Mothers Home. This facility enables us to expand our programs to women who have “graduated” from group housing. We call this our Next Step program.

Designed with supervision, our specialized Next Step Ptrogram empowers single mothers to build hope for their future as they learn to break free of the welfare cycle. This is possible as they continure their education and become job ready in our school-to-work program.

Since our inception, the demand for our services has increased. In an effort to meet this growing need we purchased the St. Anthony monastery at 835 E. 6th Street in Long Beach in 1999. Our housing capacity increaced to 20 plus women and children in a 25 bed facility. During 1999 and 2000 we have spent much of our time improving our program to meet the needs of our pregnant residents. Thanks to countless volunteers and generous monetary support, we continue to improve and upgrade this home which was built in 1955.

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Children are our future

Today a mother came to our doorstep with six children in tow. Because of caring people like you we are able to offer them shelter from the harsh realities of their world. Once again you will see the smiles on the faces of her children. Did you know that 34% of the homeless population in Long Beach, California areCHILDREN   Together we are making a difference.

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With New Life there is hope

For one young lady who graced our door steps yesterday,
she received that hope. Imagine a world without the comforts
of food and shelter. Imagine wanting to put on a fresh shirt for just a day. Then you can imagine gracing the footsteps of Miriam our Middle Eastern newcomber. Thanks to Jesus and New Life Beginnings, today she can dream hopes for a brighter tomorrow. Today she can breathe.

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